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Knowing the width and height of your windows before making a purchase is essential. Use steel measuring tape, measure width in inches across the window facing or across as wide an area as you would like to cover. Measure the length from the top of the curtain rod, to the floor. Never measure till window sill level always measure till the floor.

How To Size Your Curtains
1 40” TO 46” Will require ( 1 + 1 ) panels
2 48” TO 68” window width requires ( 1.5 + 1.5 ) panels
3 70” TO 88” window width requires ( 2 + 2 ) panels
4 90” TO 108” window width requires ( 2.5 + 2.5 ) panels
5 110” TO 120” window width requires ( 3 + 3 ) panels

Note :
Fabric requirement for average window measuring 60"- 2.25 Meters
Fabric requirement for average door measuring 84"-2.75 Metres.

All curtains are measured Width x Length.
The above are for Pleated and eyelet curtains.
For Roman blinds fabric required is almpst 40% lesser than pleated and Eyelet curtains.

Fabric Care
Dry cleaning is recommended for ensuring long life of our quality products. Some products are machine washable. Many of our fabrics respond to finger ironing - gently pull fabric between two fingers to remove wrinkles or to create pleating. All fabrics are subject to fading by the sun. Protect your curtains with lining, blinds or blackout shades.